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It is our mission to deliver supportive materials for you in order to help you with your prescribed apomorphine treatment!

The D-mine CARE Helpline

Our dedicated team is available during working hours to support you with therapy related concerns.

With our helpline our support team is available  24 hours a day to help you with any kind of product related questions, especially with technical issues.

Please contact us in order to get information about your local helpline in your country:



  • Skin CareThis brochure describes how to treat skin reactions with continuous subcutaneous infusions of apomorphine.781 K
  • Emergency CardCard with Contact information for Parkinson’s disease patients with apomorphine therapy in case of emergencies.320 K
  • Patient DiaryBooklet for Parkinson’s disease patients for notes of on-and off periods, dyskinesias and medication.199 K
  • Movement ExercisesBooklet for Parkinson’s disease patients for physical exercise1.0 M
  • D-mine Pen Handling Care InstructionsThis brochure contains instructions for using the EVER Pharma D-mine Pen injector and disposables.1.5 M
  • D-mine Pen Instructions for Use.pdf2.6 M