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Blog / Uncategorized / Adhesive Foils

Adhesive foils can be used in Apomorphine treatment for protecting
the needle from water or in case of allergic reactions cause of the infusion line needle glue.

When a patient uses the pump during showering/bathing or swimming and has to protect the pump and also the needle
from water (when they don´t want to change the infusion line afterwards),
the foils can be cut to the desired size and placed over the infusion line needle.
Everything remains sealed and protected from water.

If you want to use the foil as skin protection because you are allergic to the glue of catheters,
then cut the foil just as well on the size of the adhesive surface of the catheter,
first stick the foil on the disinfected skin and set the catheter through the foil at the same place.

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