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Blog / Uncategorized / Aquapac® waterproof bag

In the many years of working with Parkinson’s patients,
I have been asked time and again for tips on how not to interrupt the pump therapy in special situations,
e.g. at the beach or while swimming. The pumps are often splash-proofed but not waterproofed,
so you need a special bag or something similar.

The bag can be used again and again. The adjustable belt is easy to open and close due to the large buckle.  
It has a cable entry for pumps (tested to IPX6), charging cable or microphone to wear around the waist.
`TC`Aquaclip a wire-thru seal which is watertight allowing wires up to 2,5mm (1/10th inch) thick to be used with your equipment.

These bag has already served many patients very well.

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