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Especially in summer, due to the high temperatures, skin issues can occur due to apomorphine therapy. 
There are many useful ointments and oils that can alleviate these injection side reactions (e.g. anti-inflammatory ointments).
I would like to introduce one possibility to you today.

The comfrey species have been used in ancient times as a medicinal herb. Its name derives from its use in bone fractures and open wounds.
Even with injuries of ligaments and tendons the plants healing effect was attributed.
Both the recognized genus name Symphytum as well as the common name in earlier works Consolida mean translated “growing together” (Latin: consolidare, gr .: symphýein).
As a medicinal plant the comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is used and also cultivated in herb gardens.
Applied externally, it is effective for bruises, strains and sprains, but its use is limited.
Comfrey is used in so-called “blunt trauma” due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect.
A comparison with superficial application of diclofenac in joint injuries showed at least an equivalent potency effect of comfrey extract.
The healing effect on the skin is due to the ingredient allantoin, which has found many applications in cosmetics today.
Allantoin causes the acceleration of cell formation and cell formation, which was used in ancient medicine, especially in the treatment of leg ulcers.

Thus, comfrey in Apomorphine therapy is a thankful way to treat inflammation, redness or even pain on the skin very quickly.

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