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The Cross tapes are also a good option to handle nodules in an easy way.
The cross tape patch is made of dual mixed fibers and is attached to a specially coated backing paper.
When pulled off the backing paper,
the patch is charged up electrostatically so that it´s ready for specific Cross puncture therapy.
The cross tapes exert a deeply effective tissue stimulus and can thus increase the blood circulation.

The grid plasters are equipped with a particularly skin-friendly, breathable,
water-resistant and sweat-permeable adhesive that adheres reliably.
It has a long history in pain therapy but can also be of help to aid circulation/self massage due to the patients own movement.
The Cross tape massages at the injection site throughout the day because of the cross structure.
The water-resistant tape is free of medication and active ingredients.
Depending on the usage (such as showering,
swimming, sport or work) they can stick to the skin for a period up to several days (5-7 days).
After this time, the tape dissolves itself from the skin.
Tapes are available in different sizes and colors (size M & L are recommended for hardenings under the skin).

Gluing is not allowed on:

parchment skin
very sagging skin
acute neurodermatitis
open wounds
broken or inflamed skin
raised moles
varicose veins

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