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Blog / Uncategorized / Dry Insertion of Infusion Lines (not priming line)

A widespread measure is to ensure that there is no Apomorphine in the needle when inserted into the skin.
(Bhidayasiri et al., 2016) Stop the priming process of the catheter tube earlier than recommended to prevent the needle becoming wet.
The reason is that the Apomorphine otherwise reacts with the skin under the patch and can irritate it.
Not priming the catheter line does not pose a risk, as the therapy is applied subcutaneously,
i.e. in the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

However, Teflon needles, which can be separated from the catheter tube, are harmless regarding the dry spots. In this case,
the needle is set first and then vented or non-vented catheter tubing is connected to the needle.
This ensures a dry puncture in any case.

* Bhidayasiri,  et al., 2016

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