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Blog / Uncategorized / FRIO® cooling bag for D-minePEN

We are often asked by patients and medical staff how the medicines should be stored,
but also what temperatures they can withstand on the road and what they should do if the temperature rises or falls.
For PEN therapy, there is a very good solution when patients travel to warmer countries or live in a country where it is generally rather warm.
There is a special bag that has many useful features and handles exactly this situation.

Keeps your Apomorphine cartridge cool for many hours
Needs no electricity or cooling elements
Is activated only with water
Is reusable
Is effective through an evaporation system
The inside pocket has crystals on the outside wall and is immersed in water for 10 minutes.
Suitable for 2 pens or e.g. 1 pen and 2 replacement cartridges

Price: ~ 25 €, available in different colours

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