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According to the different market around the world, a mass of different catheters are available- steel needles,
Teflon needles, needles with or without applicators.
All catheters have a luer lock connection and can be used with the common subcutaneous pumps used for the Apomorphine infusion.
It is important to make sure that the needle length as well as the lumen (gauge) are selected according to the pump used
(standard for Apomorphine treatment: 8-10 mm needle length, 27/28 gauge depending on steel or needle).
The most products have a catheter length of 60 or 80 mm, support your patient to test the appropriate catheter length for him.

Our experiences shown that the selection of the right catheter can sometimes improve skin reaction.
Patients reported that they had less skin reactions when using Teflon needles. Another impact is,
when patients are very thin, the Teflon needles also have the advantage that the patient does not
feel the needle under the skin and the needle length can also differ according to patients body
(very thin patients using better 9 mm Teflon needles or 6- 8 mm steel needles).
Please note: The usage of 45° needles is not recommended with this treatment.

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