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Patients who are treated by Apomorphine continuous infusion therapy sometime could have side effects like nodules.
Nodules and hardening of the skin is the most common and treatable side effect.
These symptoms can be helped by massaging the skin either manually or using massage equipment
(see picture of a spikey ball and massage item) between 3-5 minutes after removal of the needle.

This measure can be also recommended before inserting the infusion line to support circulation.

Please massage the puncture site gently under light pressure.
Excessive treatment of the area can in turn lead to skin irritation.
Please do not use highly perfumed body lotions for massage if the skin is reddened and severely irritated.

Manual and electronic devices to support the patient and HCP:

Manual with fingers and a body lotion
Massage glove
Spiky ball
Divers electronic massage items

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