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Teflon catheter are a popular alternative to steel catheters.
The advantages are there is no needle in the skin but a flexible
plastic cannulae that may be suitable for thin patients that sometimes report the steel needle under the skin,
causing pain and discomfort.
Whether Teflon catheters can really reduce nodules and hardening under the skin has been a common topic
of debate and there are conflicting opinions.
There are varieties of manufacturers of Teflon catheter- with and without insertion adapters to facilitate handling for the patient.
Patients who are needle phobic are ideal for these needle-less systems.
Another reason for the use of Teflon needles may be allergic reactions to the steel needle.
The steel needle serves only as an applicator and is pulled out again after triggering
– a similar system can be found in the indwelling venous cannula.

There are Teflon needles on the market how have thermo-active plaster,
what´s a good thing for patients who sweat. Thus, the plaster connects more strongly to the skin should the patient sweat.

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