Apomorphine Intermittent Injection

Despite optimization of oral medication apomorphine intermittent subcutaneous injection therapy is an option for quick relief from sudden ‘off’ periods or morning akinesia.

The amount of Dacepton® 10 mg/ml you should use and the number of injections required each day will depend upon your personal needs. Your doctor will discuss this with you and tell you how much of your medicine you should inject and how often.
The amount that will work best for you will have been determined during your visit to the specialist clinic.

New and reusabel D-mine® Pen injector

EVER Pharma developed the D-mine® pen injector especially for intermittent bolus injections with Apomorphine. This pen facilitates the handling of the injections and the sophisticted design of the device allows a discrete application.

Please find more information about the D-mine® pen injector in the download area.

Set-Up Clip

Handling Video

Source: Patient Information Leaflet Dacepton® 10mg/ml Ampoule Solution for injection or infusion, Dacepton® 10mg/ml Cartridge Solution for injection, in current version