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Parkinson's Daily

This D-mine® Blog includes useful recommendations related to Apomorphine treatment and peoples daily life with Parkinson’s disease. We have bundled our knowledge into 6 categories so that you can find your relevant topic you straight away. If you want to learn more about us as authors of the blog, you can find more info here!

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Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial art practiced for centuries, combines gentle movements, deep breathing, and meditation. Its slow, flowing motions promote relaxation, balance, and inner harmony. But how does this centuries-old practice benefit individuals dealing with Parkinson's disease? Tai [...]
Tremor, slowed movements, muscle stiffness, postural instability, and swallowing problems: When the body no longer wants to obey due to changes in the central nervous system, people affected by Parkinson's tend to use avoidance strategies and often choose isolation out [...]
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