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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What does subcutaneous administration mean?

A short and extremely fine needle is positioned into the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the belly just under the skin. By continuous drug administration into the subcutaneous tissue, almost 100% of the drug is absorbed into the blood stream.

Why is the continuous infusion more beneficial?

The primary treatment goal is to reduce the frequency and duration of “off” periods. Continuous and constant dopaminergic stimulation with subcutaneous infusion mimics best the effect of dopamine in the brain.

Why might continuous infusion work for me?

Apomorphine continuous infusion therapy works well in patients who:

  1. Have had a positive response to levodopa in the past
  2. Have clear „on“ and „off“ periods
  3. Are well motivated
  4. Have good social network for assistance

Any other questions?

For medical information, please contact your PD specialist or PD Nurse.